Dr. John S. Waldrip, pastor
Calvary Road Baptist Church

June 1989

This study will certainly involve studying the four Gospels, though it is hoped that our efforts will result in far more than that. We will strive to accomplish several tasks as intermediate goals on our way to accomplishing one grand goal. The intermediate goals are as follows:

I pray that our attempts to meet each of these intermediate goals will be blessed and used by the Holy Spirit of God in His ministry in each of our lives. The Holy Spirit’s ministry, we shall see in our studies, is to point men toward the Savior, draw men to the Savior, and to lift up and exalt the Son of God. May this same Spirit of God use our lives as tools to accomplish His grand goal. Let us also pray that during this study of the Lord Jesus, as we turn our eyes upon Him, the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
Our study will follow the following sequence so order can be maintained in the four books of the Bible which seem to some Christians to be in complete disorder:

1.          Background Information
2.          Preliminary Information
3.          The Incarnation Of God
4.          The Childhood Of The Son Of God
5.          The Baptist’s Public Ministry Begins
6.          The Messiah’s Public Ministry Begins
7.          The Messiah’s Great Galilean Ministry
8.         The Messiah’s Jerusalem Area Ministry
9.          The Messiah’s Last Hours With His Disciples
10.         His Arrest, Trial, Crucifixion And Burial
11.         His Resurrection, Appearances And Ascension