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The Baptism Of The Lord Jesus Christ

Matthew 3.13.-17; Mark 1.9-11; Luke 3.21-23


When the Lord Jesus Christ came to John the Baptist to be baptized by him, the Baptist was taken aback and balked, protesting. Remember, his was a baptism to, or of, repentance. It simply did not to him seem proper for the Holy One of Israel to identify with such an admission of sinfulness as was pictured by his baptism. But the Lord Jesus Christ overruled His mistaken cousin and insisted that he baptize Him . . . .


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Thinking About Visiting?

If you do not have a Church home and you live in the Los Angeles area you can call our office for directions. Please remember, however, that the thrust of our Church's ministry is to bring the lost to Christ. We are committed to each Christian being faithful to his present Church home.

Schedule of Services: October 4, 2015

Sunday Morning Service: The Baptism Of The Lord Jesus Christ 10:45 a.m.
Sunday Evening Service: Our Great Commission, Part 7 - Teaching Them – Matthew 28.16-20 6:00 p.m.
Nursery is available during all services.

Quote of the Week

The honest minister does not merely condemn sin in the mass, he singles out separate sins in his hearers; and without drawing the bow at a venture, he puts an arrow on the string, and the Holy Spirit sends it right home to the individual conscience.

Charles H. Spurgeon

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